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2009-10-10 18:41:07 by poop64




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2009-10-14 18:23:09

Pour melted plastic down your dickhole


2010-03-21 14:14:06

Why are you a douch smidly?


2010-05-06 20:52:56

Super Mario Crossover isn't a "mod" you stupid fucking dumbass.

It was built from the ground up. You can't "mod" an NES game and port it to flash. How fucking stupid are you? You have to recreate the game's physics and levels and graphics completly from scratch. It took over a goddamn year. Which he did perfectly, and added the physics of other characters which was the POINT of the whole game. A point that you utterly failed to see. Because you're a dumbshit.

Just because you're too fucking stupid to understand the basic concepts of programming and the work it takes, doesn't mean you should give your dumb fucking ignorant opinion on shit you have no idea what you're talking about and downvote something just because you're a retard.

You're just talking shit about one of the greatest flash games every released, because you're a faggy little child with the brain capacity of a brain-damaged money, and the critique and observational skills to match.

God, you are so fucking retarded. it pains me to even fathom how your mother didn't abort your stupid ass from day one. If I was your dad, I would have FORCED your mother give your retard unborn fetus the business end of a coathanger.